The Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors for Pet Owners

We love our pets.  In America, we spend around 60 billion dollars a year on them.  They’re our companions, our entertainers, even our confidants.  Oh, how we love those little balls of fur.  What we don’t love is how all that lovely fur ends up everywhere.  Regular brushing, washing, or grooming helps tremendously, but nothing known to man can keep pet hair from being a nuisance when it comes to keeping the house clean.  Vacuuming is the best way to corral the pet hair and allergy-irritating dander our pets leave behind, but finding the best vacuum to meet our needs can be a daunting task.  We’re constantly bombarded with ads for machines that will make cleaning a breeze and shedded hair a headache of the past.  

Helpful machine for pet owners

When sorting through the hype and marketing promises, make sure you focus on machines suited to your needs–most notably, whether you need a vacuum designed for carpet, hard floors, or both.  If allergies are a concern, understanding which models offer the best filtration is important, too.  The choice of upright versus canister is generally a personal preference, though folks with stairs to contemplate will usually gravitate toward the more portable canister vacs.  Naturally, pet hair isn’t the only thing we need to vacuum, but pet owners should understand that the texture of pet hair and fineness of dander make them harder to vacuum than regular “dust.”

One of the top-rated models for removing pet hair and allergens is the Kenmore Progressive 21614.  This bagged canister vacuum offers superior suction and HEPA filtration at a very reasonable price.  In fact, it outperforms many machines costing twice as much.  Its low profile makes it easier to clean under furniture, too.

If you don’t have carpet, finding the best vacuum cleaner for hard floors is a must.  The brushes and rollers in machines designed for carpet only can be damaging to some hard floor surfaces.  Additionally, cleaners designed for use on carpet might not be able to adequately get into the nooks, crannies, grout lines, and seams of various hard floor surfaces.  

Understanding your needs and preferences can help wading through the myriad of vacuum cleaners a bit easier.  Reading multiple reviews and talking to friends and neighbors can be beneficial, too.  We love our pets and want our houseguests to love them, too.  We want our visitors to leave with fond memories of our furry friends in their hearts and minds, not furry mementos of our furry friends clinging to their clothes.  

This Pet Allergy Vacuum Guide offers a look at some of the top upright and canister models.  If you don’t have a carpet, the best vacuum for hardwood floors could be the one for you.

Though there are certainly any number of models that might meet your needs and suit your preferences, Shark and Dyson have established themselves as leaders in the vacuum cleaner field.  If you’re set on choosing one of these 2 brands to help you manage your furball’s fur fallout, here’s more information to help you choose.